About YL2L.

YouthLearning2Lead (YL2L) has been building the mindset, behaviours and skills for leadership in youth in schools, community groups and sports teams since 2014 through the Role Model Academy™curriculum.  Our home base is in Calgary, AB.   

YL2L is all about developing relationships and good personal leadership habits...Role Model Academy™ is an experience facilitated around the principles of trust, safety and mutual respect.    Our lesson plans are designed around eight (8) core PEOPLESTRONG-skills and 3 fundamentals for leadership success:  Know Yourself, Understand the World of Others and Make Good Choices and Take Action.   Each lesson honours the social and emotional development stage of the youth audience.  We start where they are and build confidence, capacity and skills that can be applied in their real lives.    We explore the broader lens: what does it mean to me?  What does it mean to others?  How can we, together, use this skill in our real lives to create positive results? We work with all youth - from early elementary through to high school.  

The mindset, skills and behaviours we learn through Role Model Academy™ are critical to strong mental health, combatting bullying and discrimination, growing healthy friendships, teams and communities and for developing a strong and resilient sense of self in relationship to the broader world and the challenges it will inevitably offer.   It's about developing the "ME", the "YOU" and the "US" - because together we are better, stronger, smarter and able to create positive change and great results - today and tomorrow.

YL2L also works with the key role models in the lives of our youth:  teachers, coaches, parents and community leaders.  Our work here is growing.  We offer workshops and skill building experiences to teachers, coaches and youth leaders during PD days at school and/or conferences or certification sessions in sports clubs and associations.   Role Model Academy™ for parents is an experiential evenings we deliver in the schools we are wroking in so parents can participate and reinforce the language and learning we do at home.

We are on a mission to offer a complete role model development pathway to create and grow leaders for life in our homes, our schools, our sports communities and our workplaces from elementary school through high school and beyond. 

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:  What I learned from YL2L

Created by the 2017 Grade 6 class at Holy Name School, with the help of graphic facilitator, Julie Murray.  Since 2014, this class of 32 students has received close to 40 hours of Role Model Academy™ leadership programming

Judy Riege - Founder & Chief Role Model, YouthLearning2Lead

Judy Riege - Founder & Chief Role Model, YouthLearning2Lead

Dare to be Remarkable
— Jane Gentry

A Role Model with vision and a plan

Judy Riege is a leadership and organizational development expert.   She is also the proud mother of two amazing youth aged 13 and 16.   She has built a successful career and dynamic consulting, training and coaching practice helping leaders, teams and organizations create clarity, connection, healthy cultures and improve communication.  She is comfortable in any environment:  classroom, sport arena, shop floor, staff room and executive boardroom.

YL2L started as a "mom project".  Judy donated her time and expertise in her son's classroom as a fun way to get a group of grade five students "ready" to be Grade six role models the following year.   That "experiment" turned into monthly "in residence" workshops with all grade 4-6 students the following year.  Since 2014, word of mouth and amazing school & parent support has allowed Judy to bring her 25 years of “real world” business and leadership experience to over 1000 Calgary youth and 350 teachers, coaches and youth leaders through her unique "Role Model Academy™" program .  And the journey continues!

Judy is working to inspire educators, youth leaders and coaches to positively influence, impact and be part of the solution to “skill up” our next generation.   She is on a mission to create  A Role Model Revolution – supporting and enabling teachers, coaches, parents and community leaders to develop youth role models today who will become the remarkable leaders we need tomorrow in our homes, our schools, our communities and our workplaces.

Feedback from the hearts and minds of students, teachers and parents: