Creating Role Models today...Remarkable Leaders tomorrow in our homes, schools, sports, workplaces and communities


What If...

  • we developed leadership as a mindset and didn't tie it to a position or power?

  • we looked for and celebrated every day role models and believed that leadership could happen anytime - anywhere - and at any age?

  • we didn't wait until they finished school; made the team; figured out what they wanted to be when they grow up; or got the job?  We started today...building good habits and behaviours NOW.

  • we showed them how to communicate, connect, resolve conflict, feel, empathize, know themselves, value differences, bounce back from disappointment, be curious, solve problems creatively and team together long before we called them adults?

  • we showed them HOW to be leaders and role models vs. told them what to do or what to think?    

  • we chose to build and develop this next generation for leadership and good citizenship together? We are the role models in the lives our youth:  parents, teachers, coaches, youth directors and organizational leaders; let's collaborate and share our knowledge and build a relationship.    



At YouthLearning2Lead, we believe leadership is a mindset and not a position.   We believe leadership is learned and strong leaders are positive role models in all parts of society.   Leaders, like great athletes or artists, require practice and persistence to be great.  

We believe everyone is a role model and being a good role model is the foundation for great leadership.  We have a choice in the kind of role model we want to be - positive or negative.    

YouthLearning2Lead (YL2L) puts the best of today's leadership development thinking into the hands of teachers, coaches and youth influencers in a fun, fresh, simple and engaging way.   We are connecting the dots and building a bridge for today's 21st century learners to be tomorrow's leaders in all areas of society.   

YL2L is on a mission to lay the foundation for life long leadership learning and action in all young people from elementary school through to high school.